Back Carrying

I am often asked when is it safe to begin carrying your child on your back, and the first thing to note is that it depends on which carrier you are using. The main risk with all carriers, even on the front, is maintaining a clear airway by avoiding slumping.

For an experienced wrapper, a newborn can be worn on your back in a woven wrap, stretchy wrap or a well fitted meh dai. The reason for this is that because the fabric is tightened and fitted to your child, there is very little risk of slumping. A child who is unable to sit yet, should always be worn in a very high back carry with their head resting on your neck to aid their natural curved spine.

However most users are buckle wearers and because the buckled carrier can not be fitted as perfectly as a woven wrap, stretchy wrap or meh dai, it is not recommended to begin back carrying until your child can sit unaided which is usually around 6 months. If your child can sit unaided it means that they have enough strength in their trunk so that the risk of slumping is minimal and so their airway will remain protected.

A ring sling is a tricky one because whilst it is tightened perfectly to your child like a woven wrap, stretchy wrap and meh dai, the actual carry is quite difficult to master and so is best attempted once your child can sit unaided.

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