One of the most magical reasons to babywear is bonding. The comfort and security a carrier provides your baby enables them to bond with you, and vice versa.

Everything we have looked at with this series of blog posts all culminate with the simple fact that holding your baby close to you enables you to bond with each other.

The oxytocin that is released in you both, calming anxiety and soothing depressive thoughts, generating that magical love drunk feeling is the strongest bonding factor of all.

However it is the rhythm of your heart beating in their ear, the feeling of your lungs rising and falling under them, the smell and taste of your skin and enable your baby to really know you, recognise you and bond to you.

This applies to anyone who regularly wears your child so is a fantastic way of building their trust with multiple caregivers enabling you to have breaks when you need them.

The carrier becomes a symbol of security, love and warmth in your child’s eyes as they grow up and associate it with feeling happy, safe and close they will start to ask for it sooner than you realise. Once they become walkers they will ‘rebel’ against it for a bit as they explore their freedom, but once they become overwhelmed by the world or tired they will seek closeness and comfort from you and your carrier.

Our next series of Blog posts will be titled “My Carrying Journey” and will feature posts written by parents who use carriers as part of their parenting lifestyle. Please complete our email sign up in you are interesting in contributing.

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