Lysanne – My Carrying Journey


by Lysanne Skinner

-How many children do you have?

Dexter – 2 years old this Saturday, Trixie – due July 2018

-How long have you been carrying for?

Nearly 2 years! Our Slingaversary is 8th June.

-How old was your child when you started carrying?

12 days old.

-What was your first carrier?

Stretchy Wrap

-Why did you start carrying?

Something we’d been interested in since the start, but once he was here and needed to be held it became a necessity. Then it just became something we loved and found easy. Much easier than a buggy!

-What did you find were the positives of carrying?

Oxytocin! Helped drastically with my PND and especially my PNA. I was a mess of anxiety whenever he was in the buggy and found I could only relax when he was in the sling. We began to rely on it more and more. It also helped with our bonding as breastfeeding failed due to a missed tongue tie so this gave us that close connection we were otherwise missing. It also meant that Neil could wear him and help out even more.

-Have you found any drawbacks to carrying?

It’s addictive! After 5 and a half months of carrying I bought the Sling Library and haven’t looked back.

-Which of the following types of carrier have you tried?

Stretchy Wrap, Buckled Carrier, Woven Wrap, Meh Dai, Ring Sling, Onbuhimo

-Which is your favourite type of carrier and why?

Woven Wrap. Strong, soft, beautiful and incredibly versatile. Suitable from birth the whole way through. I have loved developing this skill and learning every time I wrap him. I cannot wait till Trixie’s here so that I can wrap her too.

-Which is your least favourite type of carrier and why?

Buckled carriers have become my least favourite! I swore by a Connecta when Dexter was 3 months onwards, then I discovered Wovens and haven’t looked back. They’re the Rolls Royce of carriers as they’re just so comfortable. I find buckles diggy and lacking the comfort of a woven wrap.

-Please tell us more about your Carrying Journey

It has been something truly special and wonderful so far. These last two years have just been enhanced by the experience of carrying our son. For our mental health, for his need for sleep, for his tantrums, for ease, for quality of life. Babywearing has enhanced all of it and really empowered us to feel like we’ve got this as parents.

-How has Worthing Sling Library helped you on your carrying journey?

By giving me a new career! I had no idea when Jess came round in those early days that this would lead to me leaving the teaching profession and running my own business. It has transformed our lives and given me the work life balance we all needed. I have learnt so much, and met so many wonderful families. I have made so many friends through babywearing and I love every second of what I do.

-What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start baby/toddlerwearing?

Get on it. Be open minded. Try everything.

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