Summer Wearing

1. Keep layers on both of you to a minimum. Remember your carrier will count as at least one layer of clothing so if it’s super hot, then your child can just be in a nappy/pants. Take care to cover exposed skin of course (see below).

2. Ensure your child is wearing a hat whenever out in the sun, there are lots of options available but a nice wide brim is always fab to keep them cool and shaded.

3. If your child chooses to pop their arms out (usually 3 months +) then let them, they will be much cooler as a result!

4. Try a hip or a back carry if your child is old enough, they are much cooler for both of you when wearing. My muslin ring sling is perfect for cool summer wearing.

5. Wherever possible, stick to the shade. This will keep you both a lot cooler.

6. Ensure you are both well hydrated. For breastfed babies this will mean for frequent feeds, for bottle fed babies under six months, they can have small sips of cooled boiled water. Over 6 months they can have regular water.

7. Make sure all exposed skin has a good thick layer of factor 50 suncream on and reapply throughout the day. For babies under six months, try and keep them out of the sun completely whenever you can.

8. Choose carriers and wraps that are made of cooler fabrics such as bamboo stretchy wraps, linen woven wraps and ring slings or mesh versions of your favourite buckled carriers for example. These will keep both of you cooler.

9. Don’t push yourself, take regular breaks when you need it and ensure to take your little one down so they can have a break too.

10. It’s hot, you’re going to be hot. Pushing a pram is hotter than wearing a carrier.

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