Jessica – My Carrying Journey

My Carrying Journey

by Jessica Cowper-Smith

-How many children do you have?

1 Child. Theodore he will be 1 on 19th June 🙈

-How long have you been carrying for?

I carried a little when I was a nanny so 2 nearly 3 years.

-How old was your child when you started carrying?

2 months old

-What was your first carrier?

A Moby stretchy I was gifted when pregnant. I used my bosses Ergobaby when I was a nanny.

-Why did you start carrying?

I loved that i could get out into nature when I was a nanny with the 1.5 year old on my back and as Theo was a summer baby I was dying to get out and about. So we started wearing him for walks in the wood and down the beach so we could actually walk on the stones! We were both hooked from then.

-What did you find were the positives of carrying?

Defo being hands free. That we can go to places we can’t with a pram like the woods. It’s super handy for flying, I fly regularly to Scotland to see my dad on my own and I literally don’t know how I’d do it with out a sling. Also the closeness and snuggles

-Have you found any drawbacks to carrying?

Not really drawbacks no. You just have to adapt as baby grows and your needs change. We loved woven wraps but they just don’t work for our fidgit bum. So have decided to get a buckle and ring sling.

-Which of the following types of carrier have you tried?

Stretchy Wrap, Buckled Carrier, Woven Wrap, Ring Sling

-Which is your favourite type of carrier and why?

I love the ease of buckles and the comfort of wovens! In particular our favourite has been Sleepy Nico.

-Which is your least favourite type of carrier and why?

I didn’t like the Moby, I learnt from Lysanne that it was a 1 way stretch and I think this is why I wasn’t keen on it as it wasn’t overly stretchy.

-Please tell us more about your Carrying Journey

Babywearing has allowed us to go for long walks in the woods, visit busy places such as Winter Wonderland in London and Brighton Sealife Centre, without having to worry about where we will put the pushchair etc. We have just bought our own Sleepy Nico and are on the lookout for a rainbow ring sling to complete our collection (for now!) We continue to use the sling for walks, when popping to the shops and when flying. We cant wait to carry him on our first proper holiday in July. We also love letting our family wear Theo, both Grandads and my sister have worn him so far. Babywearing has also allowed me to help out my friends and family with childcare as I wore Theo so I had my hands free for the rest of them and I’ve worn my niece who is 5 weeks older than Theo.

-How has Worthing Sling Library helped you on your carrying journey?

Without the Sling Library I wouldn’t have known all the different types of slings and ways you can carry. The sling library gave us the opportunity to try out lots of options before we bought out own. Lysanne is so friendly and informative and I’ve learnt a lot from her. We have attended a few workshops too and I feel confident that I know how to carry Theo comfortably on my front and back for as long as he wishes. Her handy YouTube vids are fab as a reminder on how to do things!!

-What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start baby/toddlerwearing?

Visit a Sling Library!! It’s amazing how many people don’t babywear because it’s uncomfy or they think they’re too big to be carried now. It’s only because they’re not sure on how to use their sling most of the time. Do your research and don’t rush into buying a sling. Try a few out first.

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