Lindsay – My Carrying Journey

My Carrying Journey

by Lindsay Plowman

-How many children do you have?

1, Lily, 7 months.

-How long have you been carrying for?

6 months

-How old was your child when you started carrying?

1 month

-What was your first carrier?

Stretchy Wrap

-Why did you start carrying?

I wanted to make Lily know she was safe and also so I could have my hands free when things needed doing. I have wanted to have her close to me and I get to chat to her properly when we’re out and about.

-What did you find were the positives of carrying?

Free hands (to eat cake!) If she’s refusing a nap I just pop her in a sling and 9 times out of 10 she’ll be asleep within minutes.

-Have you found any drawbacks to carrying?

None as yet 🤞

-Which of the following types of carrier have you tried?

Stretchy Wrap, Buckled Carrier, Woven Wrap, Ring Sling

-Which is your favourite type of carrier and why?

I have recently fallen in love with ring slings.

-Which is your least favourite type of carrier and why?

Wovens – I just need more practice at them!

-How has Worthing Sling Library helped you on your carrying journey?

I had a 1:1 with Lysanne when Lily was a month old as I was scared of using my stretchy. She was sooooo helpful and put my concerns at ease. I love that you can try so many different carries at the library making sure you find the right one for you and baby.

-What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start baby/toddlerwearing?

Pay a visit to your local sling library! Try lots of carriers to find the right for for you.

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