Sam – My Carrying Journey

My Carrying Journey

by Sam Clements

-How many children do you have?

2 – Ace, 4.5yrs and Mila 8 months

-How long have you been carrying for?

4.5 years!

-How old was your child when you started carrying?

Ace was about a week old when I first carried him as he spent some time in special care. Mila was about 8 hours!

-What was your first carrier?

Bamboo Stretchy wrap by Oyster Baby

-Why did you start carrying?

I didn’t know much about carrying first time round but I loved the idea of being close to baby and being hands free!

-What did you find were the positives of carrying?

With Ace I didn’t carry much as I didn’t know there was support out there, but with Mila I have definitely found that carrying her has helped keep my PND in check. Carrying has also been amazing for days out when I’m running around after Ace too.

-Have you found any drawbacks to carrying?


-Which of the following types of carrier have you tried?

Stretchy Wrap, Buckled Carrier, Meh Dai, Ring Sling

-Which is your favourite type of carrier and why?

I’m a huge fan of my Connectas. They are so convenient and easy to use for quick ups anywhere! We also love the toddler Connecta for days out.

-Which is your least favourite type of carrier and why?

I’d probably say wovens but purely because I haven’t tried them yet as I’m all about ease. But I’m sure I will change my mind soon enough!

-Please tell us more about your Carrying Journey

As I’ve said I didn’t know much about carrying when Ace was tiny so just went with what I had read on the internet. We had a stretchy and then moved onto a ring sling. He stopped wanting to be carried when he was about 16months but now we have discovered the pre school carriers he is loving it again! Carrying Mila since she was first born has been amazing. She loves cuddles and seeing the world so now she is big enough for back and hip carry’s she is in her element. There is something really special about having your baby feel so comfortable on you. I’ve gone from owning 2 slings to having 8 at one point!

-How has Worthing Sling Library helped you on your carrying journey?

I first contacted Lysanne when I was pregnant and booked in for the Pregnancy Package. It was fab! I already had a stretchy and a ring sling but she opened my eyes to the world of carriers! I don’t think I would still be on my carrying journey without the sling library, and I’ve also made some lovely new friends. I also think my bank balance would be slightly healthier though, it’s so addictive!!

-What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start baby/toddlerwearing?

Do it! Contact your local library, try on all the slings even if you think you know what you want, you will find your perfect match.

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