Alex – My Carrying Journey

My Carrying Journey

by Alex Searle

-How many children do you have?

2 – 6 and 3.5 months

-How long have you been carrying for?

About 6 years

-How old was your child when you started carrying?

Can’t remember properly with the first, but second I wrapped in hospital. He was was born at 11pm and I wore him to go get breakfast.

-What was your first carrier?

Close Caboo

-Why did you start carrying?

I really don’t remember, but having enjoyed carrying my eldest, which we did more as he got older, I was certain it would make life easier this time round.

-What did you find were the positives of carrying?

With my eldest I found it helped him to nap, he was very high energy (still is) and got over tired easily. He hated the buggy when shopping and as a toddler had hands everywhere so carrying was an easier was of getting things done. I found it much easier on the bus, without wheels and just for general adventures.

With baby I find the school run a breeze and it enables us to carry on doing normal things, we went to Legoland for eldest birthday and could still go at his pace, I just fed in the sling as and when needed!

-Have you found any drawbacks to carrying?

I am terrible at overloading myself, I always think I can carry that one more thing I see in town! I did have a sholley trolley for the weekly shop though before we had a car!

-Which of the following types of carrier have you tried?

Buckled Carrier, Woven Wrap, Meh Dai, Ring Sling, Close Caboo

-Which is your favourite type of carrier and why?

Woven! I love how versatile they are, the comfort and they are gorgeous!

-Which is your least favourite type of carrier and why?

I didn’t get on with the close caboo, could never get it tight enough and buckles left me with bruised hip bones with my heavy toddler. All this was before Lysanne though so she may have been able to help out on fit!

-Please tell us more about your Carrying Journey

I can’t believe how much more choice and help/advice is out there since having my first. It’s so lovely to see so much love for baby wearing. I’m so glad I had an unexpected second baby so I have opportunity to wrap!

-How has Worthing Sling Library helped you on your carrying journey?

It’s so nice to have a community and I am definitely enjoying motherhood much more this time. I love that Lysanne offers help, advice and support in various ways. My husband and I had a 1 : 1 in the early weeks, I’ve been to drop in (hiring is such a great way to try new things!) and I’ve asked questions in the chatter group.

-What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start baby/toddlerwearing?

Don’t be scared of anything, especially your baby! I was nervous first time round and never tried a woven as looked too difficult, but with guidance it’s easy to learn. Also try all the things! You never know what will suit you best, don’t just buy your friends favourite carrier or the one on the latest top 10 baby must have list. We are all different and our babies are all different.


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