Tie On Carriers

Tie on Carriers work in the same way as a buckled carrier, but they have straps that you knot instead.  They are very adaptable and offer greater flexibility in use than a buckled carrier.  All offer front, hip and back carries with ease.

Snugiwraps Meh Dai - Dinosaurs

Made in Norfolk by Snugiwraps (now Nova Baby Carriers), this meh dai has a fun dinosaur pattern and a hood.  The waist band is nicely padded ensuring a really comfortable fit.  The simplicity of this carrier is it’s strongest appeal.  Also available in Butterflies.

Suitable from 4 months to toddler (max weight 15kg/30lbs).

Fidella Fly Tai

This Mei Tai by Fidella is 100% organic cotton and incredibly soft.  The wrap style straps means weight can be evenly ditributed across the entire shoulders and back making for an extremely comfortable fit. 

Suitable from 3 months to toddler (max weight 15kg/30lbs).

Wrapahula Meh Dai - Half Buckle

This Meh Dai by Wrapahula is incredibly soft and with it’s fleece lining and hood makes it the perfect snuggly cold weather carrier.  Based in the UK, Wrapahula specialise in wraps and wovens so creating one off half buckle carriers is a rare treat!

Suitable from 4 months to toddler (max weight 15kg/30lbs).

Lenny Lamb Toddler Meh Dai

Made from their popular woven Sunset Rainbow wrap fabric, this Meh Dai tightly fits a body – just like a wrap. 

Suitable from 10 months to pre-school (max weight 20kg/44lbs).

Podaegi & Onbuhimo

The podaegi is traditionally a Korean carrier with a medium to large rectangle of fabric hanging from a very long strap. 

Similar to the Podaegi, our Japanese Onbuhimo has two straps which are secured with buckles.  

Lenny Lamb Podaegi

This Podaegi is a wrap conversion by Lenny Lamb, world renowned for their gorgeous and durable wraps.  Based in Poland, Lenny Lamb created this reversible pod with comfort and simplicity in mind.  The padding on the base of the straps ensures comfort for the wearer, whilst the padding around the top of the panel ensures comfort for your LO.

Suitable for newborn to 2.5 years (max weight 15kg/33lbs)

Nova Onbuhimo - Full Buckles

In a Dr Who T.A.R.D.I.S. print, this full buckle onbuhimo by Nova Baby Carriers is the ultimate in speed and simplicity.  Simply pop your child in, and swing them up!  Packs down incredibly small so is perfect to keep in a pocket.

Suitable from six months to two years (max weight 15kg/33lbs)

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