Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are one of the most ancient forms of babywearing.  There are a huge variety of wraps you can do with children of all ages from newborn through to preschool.  The guide below gives you a rough idea of what size wrap you may need, and which carries are possible with it.

Drop Ins

Whilst we are happy to hire woven wraps at drop in, if there is a queue we will only have time to show you front wrap cross carry. 

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Designed for beginners, our Intro to Wovens workshop will teach you three basic carries.  A front wrap cross carry to enable you to find your base size, a slipknot hip carry and a kangaroo ruck carry on your back.  Participation in our Intro to Wovens workshop also qualifies you for the Firespiral Fledgling Scheme and the Joy & Joe Embrace Wrapping Scheme.

Wovens Workshop
Rainbow Mizzle

Size 2 – 100% Cotton

This colourway of our machine-woven plain weave is woven on an ecru warp with a rainbow weft gradation.

100% cotton and perfectly supportive for all ages, with all of the airiness and cush of a handwoven.

Ewahee Pink Swallows

Size 3 – 100% Brushed Cotton

This stunning wrap is soft, durable and strong.  It is fantastic for hip carries and simple ruck carries.

Joy & Joe SMP Hot Chilli

Size 4 – 100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

This stunning wrap is soft, durable and strong.  It is fantastic for hip carries and simple ruck carries.

Natibaby Haven

Size 5 – Cotton 70% Linen 30%

The waves symbolise both a water birth, and the waves of contractions. The mama holding her new bundle of joy embodies the indescribable joy we all felt the moment we held our little ones for the first time! 

Firespiral Teaching Wrap

Size 6 – Cotton 100%

‘The Librarian’ is woven in Alchemy weave and is for Sling Libraries only.  With a special tri pattern clearly showing the three rails, this wrap is excellent for beginners. To qualify for their discount scheme you must have wrapped with this wrap.

Lenny Lamb Cherry Lace

Size 6 – 100% Cotton 

A long Woven Wrap can be carried in many different ways; the same wrap will fit people of various sizes and silhouettes. Its main advantage is the fact that a woven wrap is always a good choice.

Little Frog Sunny Agate

Size 6 – 100% Cotton 

Tis gorgeous rainbow striped wrap is an excellent choice for those learning to wrap as the different coloured rails make tightening easier.

Little Fellows Godric

Size 6 – 100% Cotton 

This is woven in their Jolly Good machine woven plain weave, 100% cotton on a black warp with a burgundy and gold weft gradation.

Didymos Jim

Size 7 – 100% Cotton

This Didymos wrap is lusciously long and the black and red warp and weft mean it has a rich red wine colour that changes with the light.  An elegant and strong woven wrap.

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