1:1 Consultation

1:1 Consultations offer you the chance to gain focused guidance and expertise to suit your needs.  It also means you can learn at a pace that suits you and your baby which means time to attend to your baby’s needs such as feeding.

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This is a great option to get help with an existing carrier you own or if you know which library carrier you would like to try.  Only available at HQ.

30 mins @ £10

Back Carrying

This option is for mastering back carries either with an existing carrier or with a library one.  This will be using the hipscoot method.

60 mins @ £20/£25/£30

Exploring Buckles

Overwhelmed with the choice of buckled carriers on the market?  Choose this consult to explore a huge range of carriers.

60 mins @ £20/£25/£30


Discover some alternatives to buckle carriers and learn how to use a Ring Sling, a Meh Dai and a Woven Wrap for front carrying.

60 mins @ £20/£25/£30

Newborn 0-3 months

Discover a selection of the options available to you including stretchies, close caboos, wovens, ring slings, meh dais and buckled carriers.

90 mins @ £30/£37.50/£45

Basics of Babywearing

Get hands on with all types of slings and carriers there are! You will gain experience with Wovens, Ring Slings, Meh Dais and Buckled Carriers.

90 mins @ £30/£37.50/£45

Twins and Tandem

Explore carrying one baby at a time as well as two babies at a time from birth through to toddlerhood and beyond using a range of carriers and slings.

90 mins @ £30/£37.50/£45

Woven Wraps

Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced wrapper, this consultation will get you confidently carrying your little one in a variety of carries.

90 mins @ £30/£37.50/£45